Would you rather be deaf or blind?

If you've ever pondered about how a blind or deaf person feels about life, then you have probably had the ability of forming empathy for others on a level at a greater extent than many others. Unfortunately, many of us take some of life's greatest gifts for granted. By truly being thankful for the gifts of the world we have been given and have possession of, we can learn to be happier during the times we feel are so challenging. When it comes to disabilities, there are no doubts about the fact that there are hundreds that affect millions of people all around the world. Perhaps some of the disabilities that nobody would ever want to experience is being deaf or blind. People who have been diagnosed with deafness or blindness can certainly be considered as being people with significant strengths. They are required to either learn a specific form of communication or way of living. Those who are deaf are often required to learn how to form and read sign language and those who are blind are required to feel and interpret braille writing. An even tougher life would be a diagnosis consisting of both blindness and deafness. Although most of us have good enough hearing and vision to communicate with one another and live normal lives, there are still millions who do not have the privilege of living with such abilities. If you had no choice but to be either blind or deaf, which one would you choose? This is a question that many people probably do not necessarily think of. However, it is something that may hit someone unexpectedly. A car accident can take away both vision and hearing for somebody. As people age, many begin the losing of vision and hearing process. Although these are scenarios we would all like to avoid if we had the choice, there are some things that are considered as being inevitable aspects of life. Therefore, we should always have an awareness of such things possibly happening. If one could choose between being deaf or blind, there are a few things they would have to put into perspective. For instance, if the individual is more of a visual person than anything else, then they would probably prefer going deaf before blind. However, if the individual is a music enthusiast, then they will more than likely want to go blind before going deaf. Living with either of such senses can be a nightmare for anybody. However, they should realize that there are millions across the world with either one or both of such disabilities. Again, these simple senses are aspects of our lives we often take for granted. Hearing is a sense that brings us closer to those we love. Could you imagine never hearing their voice ever again? How about our significant other? What if we could never see their face ever again due to suddenly losing our vision. Both ailments are certainly debilitating in more than just a few ways.

Here is my take on it!

I want to see him grow up

Would you rather see your child grow up to be a man or hear him say I love you? How could anyone choose? If I had to make this hypothetical choice I would choose to be deaf. I can live without music, or the voices of strangers but I admit living without my little son’s laugh and tiny voice saying “I love you” would break my heart. That being said, I want to see him smile. I live to see him grow. I could not choose to give up seeing him light up when he sees my face. I want to see the love if I cannot hear the words. Even if I choose to be deaf we can still dance to music together turning up the music so loud we feel it in our guts.I can learn to read lips. I could not forgive myself if I made a choice that meant I never saw what my son looked like as a man. We can share art, fireworks, the lights on the Christmas tree, and waterfalls without the need for sound. There are so many amazing sites and places I want to share with my son and I cannot give that up. When growing up as a child, we did not travel or explore often or far. I retreated to books where I could find the sites and experiences of the world, but I want to show those thing to my son first hand. Secondly, I am an artist. I can live in silence but not in the darkness. The way my mind and heart express themselves is through the visual expression. I know I could still make art blind but I would never be able to see the results. With art, I want to be able to see and feel the process. A visual process that brings creative and emotional catharsis. I could not imagine feeling whole without the ability to explore it to completion. As a mother and as an artist, I would choose to be deaf to save my eye sight. I would obviously morn my hearing. I can live without my hearing but it would be a lot more difficult to live without the site of so many upcoming memories. Navigating in this world without your hearing is difficult enough, but without your site it can be impossible to survive without help.